Basic Firearms

This training course is designed for individuals with no experience who want to gain some knowledge about firearms.


We will teach our trainees the best techniques and ensure they have the knowledge and ability to use a variety of hand guns before leaving our training centre.


This course is the first unit of completing any further firearms training as all trainees need to understand the basics including health and safety, simulation shooting with no ammunition, and advice on weapon handling and control.


You will learn how to break down and reassemble each weapon that we will introduce to you during the training course.


Photographs will be taken during your training. Each trainee will receive a free group photograph after the course as a memento. Should you wish to purchase a disc of all the photos taken during the training course they are available for a charge of £10.


Course Programme

The Basic firearms Training course usually takes place over 2 days. Each day will include practical demonstrations with tuition with practical exercises. Different shooting ranges will be used including indoor and outdoor ranges at various locations and environments.


All practical training is safely controlled under continual instruction from multi lingual, highly experienced trainers. Trainees will undergo strict instruction which includes the health and safety involved in handling firearms and safety awareness before they handle any firearms.


All shooting on this course is at fixed targets. This will vary in distances including shooting from:


7 metres

10 metres

15 metres

19 metres

25 metres


This is to enable instructors and trainees to assess their skills as all targets are marked.


Course Fees

Click Here to view our course prices (pdf)


Price includes: hotel accommodation with breakfast, airport transfers, transport to and from shooting ranges, and an evening trip to Prague.


Trainees will receive professional instruction and will shoot up to 250 bullets per person per day!


All trainees will receive a certificate for each firearms course that they attend.


We also off a fully comprehensive package deal, including flights and 2 day basic course.


The price for the basic 2 day course on the assumption that there will be between 5 and 10 trainees.


Should you require 1 to 1 training or a small group booking under 5, this could be achieved but of course the price would reflect a small group.


Group bookings and Bespoke training are also available on request.


Course Requirements

Physically fit - there will be some tasks that will be physically demanding therefore we expect trainees to dress in appropriate comfortable clothing.


Insurance – all trainees must have their own personal insurance in place before attending one of our courses or activity weekends.


We will provide all trainees with a firearm services branded t shirt or sweat shirt free of charge. Other branded clothing is available to purchase.

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