Our elite instructors are from a variety of backgrounds, including military and police. They have all served in special unite such as the Czech special police command, and special forces within the military. They continue their own strict training regime, which includes fitness, firearms training and tactical techniques, and physical training with Israeli Special Forces, including self-defence, unarmed combat and krav maga.


Their law enforcement duties have included the neutralising of several organized crime gangs, and bringing in several known terrorists to justice across eastern Europe. They are extremely influential in advising in risk management, international security and anti-terrorist solutions to government leaders and have shared a variety of training techniques with special forces from across the world. This has included training both in England and the Czech Republic with the English elite special air service, the SAS.


Today they continue their efforts in law enforcement and provide multi-lingual instruction at our numerous shooting ranges and facilities in the Czech Republic, sharing their expertise and shooting techniques, threat analysis, surveillance techniques, risk management as well as Asp baton training, hand-cuff courses, close protection, advanced and evasive driving skills, and abseiling.


Throughout Europe they have numerous close protection assignments active, and provide officers to prestigious and high security locations, high risk escort duties, the protection of overseas diplomats, including border controls.

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