Close Protection

Protective training is designed for individuals seeking employment as Close Protection Officers. The threat of kidnap and ransom is higher than it has been before, which has attracted great media interest. Correct training is paramount for todays Protection Officer.


Our theory training takes place at our headquarters in England. It includes all the preparation needed before practical drills begin. The practical training is delivered in the Czech Republic to extremely high standards by former police, military, and special forces instructors. It starts with fitness, unarmed combat, defence techniques, and break away moves.


The syllabus includes:


Threat and Risk Assessment

Operational Planning

Law and Legislation

Route Planning and Route Selection

Venue Security

Body Guard duties

Building Search and Search Awareness

Incident Control


During the course our instructors will introduce our Firearms and Weapons training, as well as evasive driving techniques.


This gives trainees and insight to additional course that would compliment the Close Protection training.

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