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We will provide each trainee with the right course, specific weapons, and advice. If trainees need particular training requirements these should be discussed when making a booking. At the basic level trainees will learn how to use various handguns and will familiarise themselves with different shooting techniques and with alternative weapons.


The various advanced firearms courses will introduce additional weapons, tactics, and shooting techniques with the use of vehicles including armed escort duties.


The advanced training includes building entry and search training.


Other training services can include parachuting, abseiling, advanced and evasive driving techniques, and unarmed combat and defence and disarming tactics.



The pistols we use for training and for use operationally have all been chosen for precision, quality, design, and easy handling, and all are very robust & are extremely reliable. The handguns are used by special forces, aviation & marine security services, police, military, border control, law enforcement, and close protection officers throughout the world.


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Glock 19 (9 mm Semi Automatic Pistol)

The Glock family of pistols are well known for their reliability and innovative safety features, which make it easy to operate. They are also known for the minimum weight. The safe action pistols function without compromise, even under the most extreme conditions. The Glock 19 is widely used by police, law enforcement and military throughout the world.

Sig Sauer (Sig Sauer P226 9 mm Pistol)

The Sig Sauer P226 is extremely popular, and known for its accuracy. It sets the standard of other combat handguns and used by US Navy Seals. Federal Agents, and numerous law enforcement agencies throughout the world.

Heckler & Koch (H & K USP 9 mm Pistol)

Heckler and Koch pistols represent the pinnacle of engineering achievement. Bold in design, rugged, accurate and reliable. Produced in Germany from corrosion proof fibre.

CZ 75 Pistol

A Czech Republican Pistol. A heavy although very accurate hand gun.


In addition to the pistols we will also introduce the following weapons to our trainees:

Pump Action Shotgun (Brokovnice Benelli M3)

This long gun is used for crowd dispersal, as the gun can fire cs gas cartridges. More Commonly Used for the opening of doors.


- 12 Gauge

- 3 Shells

Kalashnikov (Samopalsa 58)

A very versitile gun, basic and easily constructed, has been in use since 1958. it can be used in and under water and is extremely robust in all extreme weather conditions without casuing failure.


- Magazine holds 30 bullets

- Single Shot: For Civilian Use, Automatic: For Police and Military use

GSG - 5 22 LR (MP 5 Type Carbine)

German made gun (identicle to the Heckler and Koch MP 5) this a more economical product with cheaper ammunition, ideal for law enforcement agencies. Users are impressed on the guns weight and performance with easy change magazine.


- Standard 22 round magazine



Different ammunition is chosen for the specific duties required. Trainees will receive a brief talk on the different bullets used including armour piercing, rubber, kevlar, ceramic and including CS gas (for crowd control). Some situations dictate which ammunition is used due to restricting the injury or damage to nearby people, or perhaps in an enclosed environment such as an aircraft.


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