Evasive Driving

Our defensive driving training courses are designed to increase awareness and safety, and evasive action skills.


Our courses are aimed at experienced drivers who face a level of threat from either moving vehicles, or potential ambush situations, and are delivered by former police and military instructors.


Trainees attend our driving courses from all walks of life, including regular drivers looking to gain more experience (i.e. adverse weather conditions), chauffeurs, security personnel escorting high value goods, and close protection officers.


For some individuals working in the close protection industry the fear of kidnap is very real. Our training includes preparing for kidnap situations, carjacking, and street assault. Our trainees are given full instruction on how to maintain their own personal safety and of those in the vehicle with the available options of maintaining vehicle motion, driving around, or through the attack.


At our specialist training facilities in the Czech Republic we offer various programmes which provide either a one, two, or three day driving courses teaching and preparing trainees for the necessary reactions in any situation.


Both left hand and right hand drive vehicles are used within our training. Numerous vehicles will be used to prepare trainees for on and off road, and include off road vehicles.


On completion of quick reaction driving training, which includes skid pan, trainees will gain control and knowledge of the vehicle braking systems, together with the correct steering methods.


Specific courses need to be discussed before booking to ensure trainees receive the correct training needed.


Advanced Driving Skills:

High Speed Pursuit

Emergency Manoeuvring (under various weather conditions)

Emergency Reversing

Evasive Actions (including J Turns and Y Turn)

Anti-Ambush and Hijack Drills

Terrorism Attacks and Surveillance Detection

Convoy / Escort Driving

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